StarTech VGA AND AUDIO Extender Over CAT 5

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  • Consists of 1 Base unit for the local display, and 1 Remote unit for the remote display (up to 2 monitors can be connected at each location)
  • Extends VGA and analogue audio up to 500ft / 150m
  • Uses standard Category 5 straight-wired, twisted-pair, network patch cable for economical and reliable data transmission
  • Pure hardware design, no software or drivers required

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Extend and distribute a VGA signal and the accompanying audio to a remote display over Cat5 cable.
The ST122UTPAGB VGA Video Extender over Cat 5 with Audio allows up to 4 (2 local and 2 remote) monitors to be connected to a single PC. The video signal and corresponding audio are sent to the remote unit over standard 4 pair Category 5 or better (Cat 5e recommended) UTP cable, supporting extended video distances of up to 150m / 500ft.
The VGA video and audio extender includes a local transmitter and a remote receiver, providing an out-of-the box solution that’s perfect for point to point digital signage applications that require audio. To simplify installation, this kit also includes a mounting bracket for the ST122UTGB receiver to install onto walls, desks or cabinets for a tidy setup.
Backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.