NEC 19 Inch LCD Monitor With LED Backlight IPS

£303.66 Exc.VAT

  • Ambient Light Sensor with Auto Brightness function
  • Full height adjustability (110 mm), tilt and flat mode ensures perfect individual ergonomic set-up
  • Eco Mode and Carbon Footprint Meter / Carbon Savings Meter, Ambient Light Sensor
  • Integrated Speakers, headphone jack and USB Hub
  • Human Sensor detects the presence of a person in front of the screen; display switches on/off automatically depending on the presence of the user
  • Easy Control of up to six displays in a multi-monitor configuration with ControlSync® technology
  • DICOM preset for medical radiological review applications
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The EA193Mi is a high-end 19” 5:4 conventional format monitor with best IPS panel and latest energy saving LED backlight technology. It offers the latest DisplayPort connectivity and full ergonomic adjustability. Low power consumption and low operating costs make the display perfect for use in the professional office environment. Outstanding ergonomic comfort and intelligent features such as the Ambient Light Sensor make it very user-friendly and help to increase productivity.