Accuratus WP127 Qwerty Keyboard

£29.48 Exc.VAT

  • Combo (USB & PS/2) interface
  • Flexible high quality black silicone chassis, can easily be rolled up
  • Yellow high visibility easy read key legends
  • Full UK key layout with number pad and large return key for easy typing
  • Multimedia and internet hot keys (includes calculator and my computer)
  • Dustproof – Could even be used in a sand storm!
  • Washable – Can be washed and disinfected to prevent spread of germs

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The wp127 is a flexible silicone based Keyboard which is ideal for dirty, dusty and wet environments. It can withstand most things you throw at it! It’s made of a high quality silicone material which offers the perfect combination of practicality, durability, comfort and flexibility. The unique material allows you not only to clean the keyboard with soap and water, but makes it resistant to any dirt, dust, sand and even coffee or tea spills! Simply wipe up the spilled liquid with a damp cloth and continue working.

The wp127 would be perfect for so many situations… car garages, warehouses, in vehicle computer systems, workshops, factories, laborotories, food environments, boats, the list goes on.